5 LOL-Worthy Themes for Your Event

Disco Ball

At this point, back-to-school is getting a little tiresome. Here are some ideas to spice up your first volunteer gathering (i.e. Do Something Club meeting).


Car washes are okay. Car washes in one-shoulder sweatshirts and neon headbands are...well...at least you'll be laughing a lot.


For dances or fundraising parties, togas are always a fun play. Provide gummi-worms as "Medusa's hair" and (if budget allows) a Dunk Tank that send you down to Hades.

Hunger Games

Can a fitness activity get any more high-stakes? Using paintballs (or some other non-lethal way of tagging opponents), pit people from different "districts" against each other.


Before you put clothes in the donation bin, host a fashion show displaying the awesome donations.


Blood drives can be a lot more exciting with the un-dead present. Check out the full guide on how to run a zombie-themed blood drive.