5 Myths About Owning a Dog


Owning a dog isn't just about playing fetch and letting them lick your face (gross/sweet?).

If you believe the following myths, the only pooch you should be owning is the one also known as your belly.

Small dogs are easier to care for than big dogs.

Not always. Minutes-wise, tiny dogs need the same walking time as big dogs. Plus, they have to use the bathroom more because they have smaller bladders.

You don't need to brush a dog's teeth.

Need is a strong word. Brushing a dog's teeth keeps it fresh and avoids oral disease.

A wagging tail means the dog is happy.

Sometimes. Other times, it can be a sign of threat or defense. It all depends on how high or low it is positioned.

A puppy has to be six months old to start training.

Puppies can learn as soon as they can observe others. They have shorter attention spans, but starting training early and often means your dog will be more obedient later on.

A puppy from a store will be a better dog than one rescued from a shelter.

Stores often get their dogs from puppy mills. The breeding facilities contribute to animal cruelty, and the puppies can have fatal health problems.