5 Reasons to Smile Today

The weekend is two days away and maybe you’ve got a case of the mid-week blues? Well, get ready for the ultimate pick-me-up: 5 stories that are so sweet you can’t help but smile. (We sure did.)

Meet Stuart Stone: he’s a Utah barber that’s using his styling talents to give homeless people a fresh new look. He gives out free haircuts at the Weigand Homeless Day Center in Salt Lake City every Monday. Even more amazeballs – Stone’s been doing this for the last 19 years.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are scheduled to have a private lunch today. It’s their first meeting since the election. The two are said to be discussing ways to make the government more efficient. (Isn’t it great when we can all get along?)

The new line of accessories and dolls for American Girl just got a little more inclusive. Now you can create a doll that has braces, crutches or wheel chair. There’s even the option to have a miniature service dog, allergy-free lunch kit, or hearing aid. Why these new additions? Because each of us is beautiful and it’s our differences that make it so.


#PrayForTaylor is a hashtag that trended worldwide with the help of a few One Direction fans. And ultimately helped save the life of 14-year-old Taylor Salvatore, who tweeted at Liam Payne that she just drank an entire pill bottle. The teen suffers from a rare neurological disorder called misophonia that causes everyday sounds (think – music, TV, even eating or breathing) to trigger rage responses and suicidal thoughts.

Did anyone else after seeing WALL-E wish there was a robot that was as loving and funny as he was?! Well, a school in Birmingham, England has the equivalent. Max, Ben and Nao are three humanoid robots that have been helping to teach autistic children about human emotions (among other skills). Check out the baller video here.