5 Ways to Stay Safe on Halloween

From hauntings to costumes and candy, Halloween is always a ton of frightful fun. But make sure that while you're having a scary good time, you're also thinking about your safety. Check out our tips for you:
  1. Keep trick-or-treating routes safe by sticking to planned out areas and make sure to go in large groups, or with an adult. If any house is completely dark or looks suspicious in any way, avoid it.
  2. Make sure you can see and be seen. Although black is a popular color for creepy costumes, it makes it hard for drivers to see you. Either wear bright colors or add a little reflective tape to your costume. And don’t forget a flashlight!
  3. If you’re driving on Halloween, do so carefully. There will be tons of kids of all ages running around and some might not listen to the tip above. Drive slowly, be extra attentive, and keep your headlights on at all times.
  4. Inspect all your candy. You may roll your eyes at your parents when they make you do this, but it really is important. Throw out any candy that the wrapping appears to have been tampered with. Also, don’t eat homemade treats if you don’t know and trust the person who made them Better safe than sorry!
  5. Keep your pets safe! Avoid costumes that they could get caught in, keep chocolate and sweets away from them, make sure your decorations are pet-friendly, and keep them away from the front door. Most importantly, no trick-or-treating for the fluffy ones. If a dog or cat is a part of your costume, a stuffed animal will do just fine. All of the people, confusion and loud noises isn’t good for them.

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