7 ADORABLE Animals That Adopted Other Animals

The only thing cuter than pictures of baby animals are pictures of baby animals that are friends with other animals. And it’s not just puppies and kittens.  Tigers, sperm whales and wild boars have also been known to adopt orphaned animals – regardless of species. Here’s a list of seven animals and their newest family member. Spoiler: The cuteness is just too much to handle!

These Friendly Sperm Whales and Bottle-Nosed Dolphin:

(Photo Credit: National Geographic)

This group of sperm whales took in an adult bottle-nosed dolphin with a spinal deformity. This may have been the reason he was abandoned by his previous family. (Sad, we know.)National Geographic reported that nothing quite like this has been seen before, as sperm whales do not traditionally form bonds with other animals. The friendship may have been formed for protection and foraging benefits, or simply for the companionship. Let’s just all take a moment to think about that.

This Wild Boar and Baby Monkey:

(Photo Credit: Take Part)

This duo came together at the Fukuchiyama City Zoo in Japan after both were found without their mothers. According to Take Part, Japanese monkeys such as this one tend to ride on their mothers’ backs…looks like this little guy found a suitable ride and friend.  

This Mama Dog, Her Pups and Squirrel:

(Photo Credit: Mental Floss)

This pregnant Seattle dog adopted this squirrel after the dog’s owner rescued the little guy when he was injured. According to Mental Floss, the dog, Giselle, nursed the squirrel back to health, even allowing him to nurse along with her puppies.

This Massive Gorilla and Tiny Kitten:

(Photo Credit: People)

This cuddly gorilla adopted this baby kitten after demonstrating a very motherly, nurturing nature at the Gorilla Foundation. Koko, the gorilla, picked the little orange kitty, Tigger, out of a selection of kittens. Apparently, the kittens are very relaxed around Koko, due to her calm, nurturing nature.  

This Soft-Hearted Tiger and These Little Piglets:

(Photo Credit: Take Part)

This tiger lives in a zoo in Thailand with her adopted baby piglets. The zoo features an exhibit called “happy families” made of families of animals of mixed species. We <3 this.

And... A Pig and Some Baby Tigers:

(Photo Credit: Environmental Graffiti)

This momma pig allowed some little tiger babies to nurse along with her own piglets. As it turns out, pigs are quite capable of nursing animal species other than their own. 

This Great Dane and his White-Tailed Deer:

(Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

This pup, Kate, became friends with this deer, Pippin, after Kate’s owner found the fawn wandering near their house – alone and crying. So she took her in and now, even as adults, Kate and Pippin are the best of furry friends. 

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