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11 Facts About Veterans Day

Veterans Day is celebrated annually on November 11th.The holiday honors anyone who has served in...

5 Cause-y Things To Do This Thanksgiving

A few alternatives to watching cat videos...

Rapper Emerson Windy Talks #STOPHOMELESSNESS

The campaign he's promoting.

Tuesday (November 5th) is Election Day 2013!

It's an off-year election, but it's still important.

Jared Allen Scoring For Veteran Soldiers

He's giving them the homes they need.

How This 10-Year-Old Is Helping The Homeless

Check out his project, Braeden's Brown Bags.

Jillian Rose Reed is Stepping Out for Diabetes

And raising awareness about the disease

Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later

What's happened since and what you can still do.

Funding Girls' Education One Cupcake At A Time

How She's the First is helping!

How Jennifer Lawrence is Kicking Butt Off Screen

and raising money for a great cause.