The AMAZEBALLS Thing These 7 Teens Did

We just wrapped up our Pics for Pets campaign and got a whopping 6,742 submitted photos. Even more amazeballs: 310 (and counting!) animals were adopted.

Meet 7 of our members who went to a local shelter to take some pics and ended up adopting a pet through this campaign. Spoiler: You’ll saw “aww” A LOT.

1. Hannah T., Cleveland, MS

“Ace is half border collie, half Siberian husky and was 9 months old to the day when I got him. This picture was the first day he came home with me.”

2. Liane D., Heath, OH

“I adopted Luna a couple of months ago from the Licking County Animal Shelter where I have been a volunteer for two years. Luna is about a year old now. She is a hyper, but loving cat.”

3. Samantha B., Brooklet, GA

“Duke is very vocal! Whenever he plays he makes noises and it’s adorable. He's a VERY fast learner. I have taught him to shake, sit, lay down, "out of the kitchen," play dead, and speak in such a short time period. He learned most in about 5-10 minutes of trying to teach him. He has a very big underbite and he moves his jaw very fast when he plays with toys so they flop all around in his mouth while he runs. I was very curious about his breed so I did a DNA test that I got from Wisdom Panel and the results came back saying that he is a Labrador retriever/Boxer/Welsh Corgi mix. Looking at his teeth I'm thinking he is about 1 1/2- 2 years. He has honestly been a blessing to me and I couldn't be happier with him!”


4. Rosemarie W., Media, PA

“Zoey apparently was found in a box with a bunch of beagles in Georgia. We are not sure of her breed, but she has wired dog hair and beautiful big brown eyes with floppy ears. Her tails wags a mile a minute and she is super friendly to ALL ages!!!”

5. Malia S., Kansas City, MO

“We adopted Mishka, a husky, and she is amazing. She had mange and was undernourished when we got her. She is adapting to our other rescues very well and she looks amazing. I think she is starting to feel like she is at home now.”

6. James L., Saratoga, NY

“He is a bit of a screwball. When he's hyper, he runs around the house literally jumping off the walls. When he is calm, he's very cuddly.  He's always trying to rub against your legs when you walk, which I'm sure you can imagine is rather difficult. He likes exploring where ever people hang out. He's just started going outside, mostly just chasing bugs and eating grass, but he has quite the personality. My family has been between names for him. Trouble is a popular one. I don't think he actually has an official name yet, but everybody loves him.”


7. Kady K., Keller, TX

"I brought my mom and brother with me to take photos. A "quick trip to one animal shelter" turned into two, then three visits to different animal shelters, and we adopted a sweet girl named Stella. She is about a year or two old and was a scruffy little 8lb. girl living on the streets. In the animal shelter, her kennel window was in the far bottom corner, and half of her display window was covered by a concrete pillar. It was pure luck we noticed her! We walked up and down the aisle several times without kneeling down and peeking inside. She was shaking the entire time my mom held her, but once we brought her home, she runs the house! Having two dogs of my own, I was skeptical when my mom said this terrified little dog was "the one." Apparently she made an excellent choice- this little dog has made leaps and bounds in progress. She even chases my 80lb sheepdog around the house! Stella is an amazing dog. I am so glad my mom chose to adopt off of the "code red" list at the local kill shelter, and especially that she chose an adult dog for her first dog!"

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