Athletes Gone Good: Olympian Tweets Of The Week

It’s all about the Olympic games this week. We want to give thanks to the amazeball U.S. athletes who have already brought home tons of awards. We also want to give them props for inspiring millions through their tweets.

Ryan Lochte

We tots couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Check out our stars.

Lolo Jones

Lolo def sacrificed A LOT to be where she is now and she is enjoying every minute of life on the track. Sacrifice some time by donating school supplies. Trust us; the outcome of helping kids will be super joyful.

Kevin Love

We cannot wait to see what Kevin’s Olympic journey will bring (hopefully basketball gold). Start yours.

Nick Symmonds

We are thankful running is in his life too (have you seen his body?). Help others #BeActive.

Lady Gaga

Okay, so we know Lady Gaga isn't an Olympic athlete, but she sure is tweeting like one. Gaga gave a HUGE shout out to the women's gymnastics team and she is tots right, there is no "i" in team.

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