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Top 11 Weirdest Strategies for Saving Money

Ice water for breakfast? Uhh, no.

Top 11 WORST Strategies for Saving Money

i.e. Eating out of the garbage. (Gross)

gay marriage

11 Facts About Gay Marriage

About 70 percent of voters under the age of 30 support same-sex marriage.

7 Reasons to Love Abe Lincoln

For starters, he was the first president to ever sport a beard.

3 Facts to Know About Mardi Gras

What Mardi Gras and Carnival have in common.

What These NYC Teens Have to Say About Gun Control

Four 8th graders take a school project from classroom to civil activism.

Challenge: Become an Activist During the 1960s

Text in to find out what you would do.

4 Ways to Celebrate MLK Day

Remember Dr. King by giving back.

5 Things You Should Know Today

Our top happenings of the week.

3 Ways to Help Homeless Teens

There are 1.7 MILLION homeless teens in the US.