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Meet Our High School Interns!

There are 5 of them and they're pretty baller.

5-Year-Old Takes on Westboro Baptist Church

...with lemons and a stand for peace.

Why This Teen Is Her OWN Hero

Sam's work with JustTell and the issue of sexual abuse.

How One Teen Helped Save His Dad's Life

...with the gift of a healthy heart.

Teen Kicks Cancer's Ass, Now Inspiring Others

What he's doing to encourage other young people.

Featured Club: MCCS Club

How they're slaying energy vampires.

I'm One of 20,000 NYC Kids in a Homeless Shelter

Here's how you can help us.

Featured Club: MHS Club

Why these teens made the morning news.

Why We Surprised This Teen With a Disney Trip

Hint: she helped us hit a huge milestone.

Top 11 Most Believed Strategies for Saving Money

i.e. Put a piggy bank in your bathroom.