5 Things We Just Learned from Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

Yesterday actress Jane Lynch (aka GLEE's acid-tongued Sue Sylvester) appeared in New York City to promote her new book Happy Accidents and impart some of her wisdom upon fans.

The former Do Something Awards host created the book because of her involvement with charities. According to Jane, the book started as the collection of speeches she was often giving for organizations like Human Rights Campaign.

"These speeches were very personal...and a friend helped me put them all together," said Jane. What resulted was a witty tale of her life lessons about growing up as a lesbian, learning to be an actor, and more.

The celeb was nice enough to invite questions during the appearance. Based on the talk back session, DoSomething.org got schooled (if only certain aspects of school were this ineteresting) about the fun and cause-y aspects of Jane:

  • She's a feminist. She admires women who were fighting for women's rights, "before it was cool."
  • Carol Burnett is her idol. The comedy legend played Sue Sylvester's mom on GLEE, which was a dream come true for Jane.
  • Based on research she did for a character, Jane advocates that people use the term people with schizophrenia not when describing people battling the mental disorder.
  • Growing up, Jane had a crush on Olivia Newton John. Jane, who is openly gay, shared the crush history with Olivia Newton John during a GLEE episode filming. The Grease star was totally cool with it!
  • Jane can spout a kick-ass defense statement for keeping performing arts in schools. "Whatever I needed to learn as a person I have learned from the roles I've played as an actor," explains Jane.

Perhaps Jane is a cause-a-holic. In addition to advocating for mental health, LGBT issues, and arts education, Jane publicly supports animal welfare. Is there anything she hasn't done?

Well we haven't seen Sue Sylvester on the stage. A fan asked if she'd ever do a Broadway musical, and Jane shouted back, "Absolutely!"