Alec Baldwin speaks up for Mr. Ed's kin

via PETA


Remember when Mr. Big took Carrie on that ultra-romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through NYC's Central Park? Turns out, the ride may not be all that lovey-dovey for the beast of burden.

Alec Baldwin recently hosted the premier screening of Blinders, a documentary which gives viewers an inside look at the inner-dealings of the horse-drawn carriage industry. Director Donny Moss began to record the daily lives and living conditions of the horses pulling carriages around Central Park after a recent onslaught of horse injuries in the industry, according to PETA.

"From the stench inside the horses’ miniscule stalls, where horses sleep standing up in piles of their own waste, to the hostile streets of Manhattan, where horses live a nose-to-tailpipe existence, Moss doesn’t blink in documenting how horses live long after tourists’ 30-minutes rides are over," says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk of the documentary.

This is the 30 Rock star's lastest effort to promote a carriage-horse-free NYC, as he's a vocal leader in the a protest against the industry, upsetting many in the Horse and Carriage Association of New York.

Currently, a bill to ban the carriages from New York is being considered by the state Congress.

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