Ashlee & Pete tie the knot


"We're past the honeymoon period. The truth is, it's crazy to be able to kiss your best friend. It's just a really awesome thing."

Awww! That's what new husband, Pete Wentz, said about taking Ashlee Simpson as his bride this past Saturday.

When CGG talked to Ashlee, 23, and Pete, 28, at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. on April 26, the two were still glowing from their recent engagement. Pete humbly stood aside as photographers requested his fiancee to pose in her glamorous strapless gown. But after staring down the lenses, she quickly turned returned to Pete's side, and the two walked off, only having eyes for each other.

So we can only imagine how romantic this past weekend's intimate California ceremony must have been when the couple of more than a year (who crushed on each other for longer than that), were pronounced husband and wife. Ashlee's sister, Jessica, served as the maid of honor, while Pete's bulldog, Hemingway, was the ringbearer. And, according to, papa Joe Simpson presided over the non-denominational ceremony.

While we're sure that there are plenty of naysayers and Vegas oddsmakers out there already placing bets on how long the union will last, CGG wishes this sweet couple nothing but the best.

Besides, how can CGG not respect a couple who decided to start things off with a conflict-free engagement ring?!