Avatar heads to the Amazon


Maybe. While there is talk of the sequel being shot in the Amazon, the truth is that director James Cameron and actress Sigourney Weaver just returned from their triumphant trip to the Amazon themselves, after protesting to halt rainforest destruction.

Joining local demonstrators in Brazil, the two Hollywood powerhouses urged the government to halt its Belo-Monte project, a proposed dam that would be the world’s third-largest hydroelectric venture. An estimate of 20,000 people from indigenous communities living along the Xingu River in the Amazon were threatened to be displaced by the project.

A parallel to themes in the Avatar film, the initiative taken by Cameron and Weaver isn’t the only recent one to make news. In honor of Earth Day coming up next week, Twentieth Century Fox Studios and the Earth Day Network announced a partnership to plant one million trees in honor of Avatar by the end of this year. The Earth Day Network cares for and nurtures trees to maturity, along with preserving native species all around the world.

You can take an eco-initiative by starting with greening up your home! Check out some tips here to prepare for Earth Day action. What do you think of all this post-Avatar (and real-life) action?

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