Burma: It Can't Wait

Fanista launched this month a campaign to expose the human rights abuses of Burma (now known as Myanmar) front and center into the realm of A-list celebrities to help encourage international pressure among one of the world's most oppressive dictatorships. The goal is to bring attention to the government's abuses, and educate the public on the current situation, aligning it with causes such as Tibet and Darfur.

For the entire month of May, celebrities and activists will be releasing daily a PSA to focus on Burma now. Be sure to check out CGG each morning for an updated video. Additionally, Fanista is donating 10% of entertainment purchases to the cause if you select "Burma" as a referral at checkout.

Day 1: Will Ferrell launches the campaign.

Day 2: Woody Harrelson protests on set with Jennifer Aniston.

Day 3: Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen check out Burma living.

Day 4: Sarah Silverman is on a medical mission.

Day 5: Julie Benz brings the campaign home.

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