Celebs beat cancer

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Although they may be immune to waiting in lines, commercial flights, and two-star dining, even celebs can get melanoma. Skin cancer can effect anyone, especially those who spend long hours in the sun without adequate protection.

Check out these celebs who have beaten skin cancer (and might I add that early detection played a key role in treatment):

Grey's Anatomy's Eric Dane used his seriously smart and professional opinion when he had his chapped lips examined. Eric was diagnosed with melanoma. Just in time, and the cancerous tissue was frozen off with liquid nitrogen.

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The Fair-skinned Scotsman Ewan McGregor noticed a suspicious mole on his face and had it immediately removed. Ewan nipped the cancer in the bud.

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Anderson Cooper noticed a spot under his eye which was later diagnosed as skin cancer. He shared his experience of treatment with his viewers, and is now cancer-free.

Skin cancer can be prevented in as easy as 10 minutes a month. Examine your entire body for new and irregular moles, or the "ABCD's:" A is for asymmetry; B is for border irregularity; C is for uneven coloring; and D is for diameter wider than a pencil eraser. If you notice any of these, go see your doctor, and don't forget your yearly visit to the dermatologist for a full body skin check.