Celebs use social media to fight malaria

via dailybooth.com

Did you know? This coming Sunday, April 25, is World Malaria Day. In advance of this, an expansion of the UN’s Social Media Envoy group was announced today with an impressive celeb line-up, in an effort to activate social media audiences in support of malaria control. Their goal: to end malaria-related deaths by the year 2015.

Two children die each minute from malaria. The disease-fighting diplomats joining forces to alleviate this tragic statistic include Anderson Cooper, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, Larry King, Alyssa Milano, Jason Mraz, Shaq, Ryan Seacrest, Jordin Sparks, Pete Wentz, and more. Each of these celebs gone good will take to online platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to encourage social action each month for the next year.

The Malaria Progress mission of the UN Office of the Special Envoy partners with various organizations such as UNICEF, The Global Fund, and Nothing But Nets, in initiatives to raise awareness and provide mosquito nets to African communities-- which are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Since 2007, enough nets have been delivered to aid in covering 400 million people.

Learn the terms you should know about the disease and stay up to date on the progress of the mission by following the Malaria Envoy on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to spread the message to your friends to help end malaria today.

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