CGG and Jimmy Fallon food fight

Jimmy Fallonvia

Well, technically there was no throwing of food. But when Jimmy Fallon showed up to a Food Bank event in NYC last night with a canned good in each hand, CGG decided to test his knowledge of the hunger cause.

We found out that the two cans he was holding were only representative of the very generous donation he gave to the charity. He donated cans of “chicken noodle soup, Spaghetti Os, corn, garbanzo beans, and peanut butter…well I know that’s not a can but…you know.”

Way to go Jimmy, but while we were on the topic we wondered if he could whip up anything not from a can. “I’m a terrible cook but I have a lot of cookbooks…I am good at reheating!” Ok well he may not make his own food, but he does buy locally! From the farmers market in Union Square, NYC to be precise. “That’s the secret. Fresh ingredients. And then you can go, ‘Oh, look. I made you guy’s carrots!”

So culinary know-how may not be his strong suit, but he does know how to conserve! “My wife is such a recycler. If we get takeout she says ‘you can’t throw away the plastic containers.’ We have to save everything! I’m going to put Rubbermaid out of business! I got so many…if you guys need plastic containers come to my apartment we got stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff.”

So there you have it. Jimmy Fallon loves everything about food, has too much Tupperware, and believes in simple solutions like recycling! Tell us what you think Jimmy should do next: should he join up with Rachel Ray to make some funny food? He might learn a thing or two from the queen of the kitchen!

Jimmy says every little step helps. You can join the food fight by donating cans to a food drive or helping out at a local soup kitchen.