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emma stone, olivia wilde

Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde Walk For Good

What cause they're supporting.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Join now and fight obesity.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie's Stand For Colombian Refugees

The action she's calling for.

Sean Penn Receives Peace Award

Why he was honored.

Selena Gomez Brings Hope to Children

How she's helping.

Taylor Swift to Receive 'Big' Honor

The Big Help recognizes Taylor's charity efforts.

Tip of the Hat for Kate Winslet's Autism Support

Kate Winslet works for educational equality.

Steve-O Does Ultimate Stunt for Good

Steve-O goes bananas over ape welfare.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Plays for Charity

Jeremy plays to aid communities in need.

Quote of the Day: Justin Bieber

Justin encourages fans to see "Bully."