Christy Turlington's plea to Obama

Christy Turlingtonvia

Supermodel-turned-author Christy Turlington's latest post for her Marie Claire column makes a special request to President-Elect Obama to save women around the world.

Christy reports that each year, more than half a million global women die preventable deaths giving birth due to inadequate medical practices. Unfortunately, 16 percent of these deaths (67,000 annually) are due to unsafe abortion procedures.

Due to President Reagan's passing of the Mexico City policy in 1984, foreign organizations using US-family-planning assistance were denied use of non-US funds to provide legal abortion or counsel. President Clinton had rescinded this policy under his leadership, but President Bush decided to reinstate it on his first day in office in 2001.

Christy is now calling out to Obama to rescind this law again. She reports that since 1995, US funding for these international family-planning organizations has decreased by over $100 million, at a time when the number of women of reproductive age in developing countries has risen by approxiamately 275 million.

"If Congress continues to cut maternal and child health care at this rate, we will suffer global implications," she said. "Wars rage when resources are scarce. Food security is compromised, development is halted, and the everpresent gap widens between those who have and those who have not."

"...90 percent of global-abortion related deaths and disabilities could be avoided if women who wanted effective contraception were given access. Is this not a win-win situation?"

Now, Christy is asking for your help. She is calling on all readers to write to President-Elect Obama and request that he rescinds the Mexico City Policy.

Still not convinced? To start things off, you can always start an awareness campain at school that discusses the pros and cons of abortion and why it should/shouldn't be legalized....