Ciara, LL Cool J, and Russell Simmons touch teens with "Vote for It 08"

This is what it’s all really about: An unprecedented opportunity is at hand, a promise to be realized, a truth to be perfected, a challenge to be met, an honor to be earned, and a right to be exercised.

No, these aren’t the words uttered by Barack Obama or John McCain, think again. This message comes from some of your favorite artists urging teens to take charge and vote!

Ciara and LL Cool J just skim the top of the list of more than a dozen celebrities representing “Vote For It 08,” a campaign created as a call-to-action to America’s youth to vote. Other celebs include Russell Simmons, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Flo Rida, George Lucas and others. It’s a joint effort of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), and online ad network and marketing company, CPX Interactive. As the election grows closer, the PSA is expected to run across uber popular stations, MTV and BET.

“The idea that young people are going to pick the president is one that’s inspiring to me” said Simmons, at Room Service in NYC for the July 9th official launch of the “VFI08” PSA event. “There are so many issues I think young people are more concerned about than the previous generations,” he said.

Boy, are they getting creative. During the event they used smart tactics to touch teens like “Use your voice, drink your choice” ballot featuring the blue Obama Slammers and the red McCain Mashers encouraging young voters to make use of their voice this election.

Their last words? Be connected. Empower yourself. This is your country. Vote for it!--nicely said.

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