David Cook's journey begins

via AmericanIdol.com

As any American idol veteran can tell you, once you're crowned the victor, your road to stardom has only just begun. From gold records to academy awards, American Idol is only just a launching pad to the success that lies beyond.

And not just on the side of fortune and fame. David Cook and fans had raised money to bring his brother Adam, who is suffering from a brain tumor, to see him compete in the finale in LA. Adam sat in the balcony away from the press and cameras, but knowing his brother was there made all the difference for David.

Now that David has won, he's not stopping with his philanthrophy. He recently told People magazine that he is going to start a foundation. "The goal will primarily be funding" he says, "for juvenile and adult brain cancer research."

David's next stop is aboard the American Idol tour bus as he makes his way across the country this summer. Catch him at a town near you.

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