FEED the children of Rwanda, one bag at a time.

Lauren Bush FEED bag CGG

Lauren Bush launches today the release of the new FEED 100 Bag, a twofer reusable tote which helps to cut down on the use of disposable bags, and with the purchase of each $29.99 bag, helps provide 100 nutritious meals to hungry children in Rwanda through the United Nation World Food Program’s School Feeding Program.

CGG was on hand at the release party at Whole Foods last night to snag one of the first bags, which will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods stores nationwide. We caught up with Lauren to ask her more about her ideas behind the new program.

“We’re really excited,” she told us about the bag, “because it’s right in line with what Whole Foods stands for with their reusable bag movement.”

Lauren told us that not only does the WFP help to feed children, it also gives them incentive to attend school in the first place.

“The goal is to feed all of the school children of Rwanda for at least a year, 290,000 children,” she said. “So it’s a pretty a big goal but I think we’re hopefully going to meet it. It’s exciting. It’s a lot of bags.”

Lauren also showed a short video of her trip to Rwanda this past March. She went to visit some of the schools with Whole Foods representatives to learn more about the country and meet some of the kids that will directly be affected by the program.


Trend Alert: Lauren carries the organic cotton and sustainable burlap bag everywhere. CGG spotted her this past weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival proudly displaying this perfect spring/summer bag. The new tote also collapses into a handy zippered pouch to fit so you can take it anywhere, when you may be in need of that emergency shopping bag.