Flyleaf rocks World Vision

Flyleaf, Zootopia

Jared Hartmann, Sameer Bhattacharya, Lacey Mosley, James Culpepper and Pat Seals


Heavy Rockers FlyLeaf lit up the stage outside at ZVillage. Singer Lacey had been saving her voice for the show and man was it worth it.

Bassist Pat Seals was flying all over the stage the entire time. We spoke with Pat before the show to find out where the band puts their energy when they’re not performing.

CGG: How does it feel to be at Zootopia?

It’s a chance to be where we’re not known, where people really aren’t used to rock music and that’s pretty cool, and also we like to think we stand for something.

CGG: What do you stand for?

I don’t know, our faith really drives our band, and hopefully as a result of that it will drive us to do good works. I’m not giving the illusion, we’re not good people but we’re aiming for that. We recently went to Rwanda with an organization called World Vision, and that really had an effect on all of us. It kind of brought to my attention that there are people in the world in need, and in America we have this illusion that the whole universe revolves around us, and that really broke that wide open for me. It’s easy to say that yeah there are other people in the world that need to be cared for, but until you really actually put your eyes on it, it’s hard to get your heart around it.

Pat Seals, Zootopia, Flyleaf Pat Seals mid-headbang. CGG

CGG: So how can the average person help out there?

I guess not everybody can get on a plane or a boat or whatever and go over there, and a lot of times that’s not what they need, you know. World Vision is set up so that the local people are fixing their own community and all they need is funds pretty much, and hopefully they won’t need it after 15 years but a way you could help is get on There are several ways, you can sponsor a child, or a family or a certain community, and they receive your funds and figure out who needs what and try to use it to the best of their ability.

CGG: How did you get involved with World Vision?

Our singer, I think she had received help from World Vision when she was younger.
She’s from the Dallas area, and so that kind of gave her a little impression, and when she got older and into the position where she could help someone else, she remembered World Vision and that’s how we all got linked into it. When I first started in I was like ‘a non-profit, Sally Struthers, big deal” but when I really saw what they do and met the people connected to it, it really had an effect on me so. And they’re straight shooters. They don’t just put a band-aid on a heart attack, in my opinion. And I think they really teach people how to become self-sufficient so it’s not another welfare-type program.

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