Good Band Alert: Varsity Fanclub

From left:Spy Kids actor Bobby; surfer and yo-yo champion (?!) Thomas; comedian Drew; dancing phenom David;and brooding vocalist JayK via Capitol Music Group

2008 is witnessing the return of the boy band!

You may have heard of this lil old group called Jonas Brothers, performers at this year's Zootopia (along with old-school boy band New Kids on the Block!). CGG personally witnessed the commotion the Bros caused simply by breathing while at the White House Correspondents Dinner last month.

Then there's Jonas' Nickelodeon-mates, the Naked Brothers Band.

And just last week, CGG gave you the lowdown on the cause-concerned Push Play, who will be on stage at Zootopia's Zvillage (in which Do Something is a partner) the afternoon of May 17 at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ.

Now, get ready for the Varsity Fanclub (below), five guys who idolize and are out to become the next 'Nsync. They even have the Orlando superstars' dolls on display and a photo of Justin Timberlake hanging in their shared Los Angeles home as inspiration! Among the five teens, they run the gambit of positive causes.

Chosen from a country-wide talent search, Varsity Fanclub members Drew, Jayk, Thomas, Bobby, and David, range in age from 17 to 21, and all have had a hand in writing their own songs. CGG's fave, "Future Love," was submitted by One Republic singer and Timbaland protege Ryan Tedder, who wrote the smash "Apologize". We caught up with the band to bring you the first-hand scoop on the future pop phenomenon. Click here to read our exclusive interview after the jump!

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