Gossip Girl is out and proud

So if you watched Gossip Girl last night, you know that Serena's little brother, Eric Van Der Woodsen (Conor Paolo), was outed. At the dinner table! By Georgina! Who still has two identities! (If you didn't watch it...oops! Sorry for the spoiler!)

Little gay Eric made us reminisce about some of our favorite gay teen characters and their choice plot moments:

Dawson's Creek Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). At first he was just Andy's brother, but Jack's character came into his own when he was outted by his teacher. The best episode though, by far, was when he had to confront the gay ghost that haunted his frat house. In the end, he and his partner adopted Jen's baby after she died of cancer.

Degrassi: The Next Generation's Macro Del Rossi (Adamo Ruggiero). This show hit on every issue. Marco had to lose his beard girlfriend (Ellie), come out to his homophobic friend, was gay-bashed, dated the captain of cheerleading team's brother, cried discrimination when he couldn't give blood, and finally came out to his old-world Italian parents in the middle of a performance of Hamlet.

My So-Called Life's Rickie Vasquez (Wilson Cruz). Rickie's character never really had to come out. As you can tell by the choice ensemble, MSCL broke ground by making the ultimate best friend as queer as the day is long.

Eric Van Der Woodsen can shed light on this issue in a few new ways, mainly because the character lives in NYC and is of the upper-crust. Time will tell what else he'll get up to.

You can watch (or rewatch!) last night's drama go down here: