Greg Grunberg: “Talk about it!”

Greg Grunbergvia

Greg Grunberg, says he’s not so different from his Heroes character Matt Parkman. While Matt may be ale to read minds and change the future, the real life actor understands what hes going through.

"My character [Matt] is now getting the family he's always wanted,” Greg told People about Heroes' third season, “but he has to protect that family at all costs.” In some ways, it's not unlike his own family life, Grunberg says. "It's a very personable and relatable storyline."

Greg has always been a family man, but since his son Jake developed epilepsy he has been actively working to help him as well as the other 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide who suffer from the condition.

Jake has suffered from epileptic seizers throughout his life. But the 12-year-old’s recent brain surgery may have changed his life forever. In response to this, Greg has been developing, a Web site that raises awareness about epilepsy, and has a social networking component for visitors. He has recruited his A-list friends like John Mayer and Jennifer Garner to participate in the site.

The celebs explain what epilepsy is and give advise to young people who have a friend with a physical disability or a disease. They give advise for young epileptics as well. Check out the site for yourself and follow Greg's example by getting involved in this cause. Comment below!