Heath’s legacy stays in the sea

Heath portraitvia ew.com

The latest Modest Mouse music video “King Rat” was released yesterday. This is the video that Heath Ledger was creating before he passed. But that’s not the only reason the video is so special—it also illustrates one of the issues Health was most passionate about: illegal commercial whaling.

In the video, Heath exposes a serious issue in his homeland of Australia where a lot of the illegal whaling takes place. In the video, whales and dolphins are sailing over the open seas, hunting for humans. Talk about giving people a taste of their own medicine! While it is a cartoon depiction, the video is certainly powerful and graphic.

They are definitely striking while the iron is hot and the issue is on the table due to the movie “The Cove.” What good timing for the release of this video! It is available on iTunes so go download it because the proceeds from the downloads this month will go towards “Sea Shepherd”— an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization that Heath was involved with.