Hilary Duff and co. bring on the natural glow

via celebritygossip

Last night CGG hit the glam ALLURE Magazine bash in NYC, which hosted the 2nd Annual Most Alluring Bodies to kick off National Skin Cancer Awareness month. The photo exhibit was a silent auction, featuring nude shots of Gisele Bundchen, Scarlett Johansson, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss among others, to benefit The New York University Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group, which researches treatment and a potential cure for melanoma.

CGG ran into Hilary Duff (the cover model of this month’s Allure issue) who looked stunning in a strapless shiny black dress. We asked her what she does to protect herself from the dangerous rays of the sun.

“I cover up a lot in the sun,” Hilary told us. “I really like to go out tanning but I have really fair skin and I seem to burn easily. I don’t want wrinkles and I don’t want skin cancer so I wear a lot of sunscreen.”

How does Hilary keep up her Hollywood glow? "I think in this day and age it’s really easy,” she told us, “because of all the different products that you can use, the alternative to actual tanning. You can get a bronze beautiful look that still has sunscreen in it and still look like you’ve been lying in the sun all day.”

And Hilary has some advice for you. “I think it should become a part of everyone’s ritual. When you get out of the shower and you put your body lotion on make sure it has sunscreen in it. When you have the time, put it on separately. You know it’s a part of what we have to do to keep ourselves healthy.”

If Hilary can pull off a gorgeous bronze look without burning in the sun, so can you. Apparently she’s not the only CGG aware of this season’s hottest accessory.
We asked Katharine McPhee (who dazzled in a short purple number) how she protects herself from skin cancer. “Just sunscreen,” she told us. “I’m an avid sunscreen user.”

The lovely Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist to stars such as Nicole Richie and Keira Knightley, is also in the know, “I wear protection every single day all over my body,” she told us. “I live in California. I worshipped the sun when I was younger and I’m paying for it now. So I wear SPF 30 everyday all over my face and my body.”

We asked Rachel what she thought about pressures in Hollywood to be tan. “I think it’s dated to be tan,” she told us. “Not dated to be tan when you’re on holiday and whatever, but I think in the middle of winter to be tan it’s weird, you know?” Take it from Hollywood's fashion guru first hand: tan is out, natural is in!

And what advice does Rachel have for us? “Stay out of the sun,” she said. “I wish that I knew it. And I knew it, but I didn’t realize the detrimental effects of it. It’s dangerous, and it’s for real. This isn’t a joke. It’s not like oh, you’ll get skin cancer, it’s like you really will get skin cancer.” We spotted Rachel bidding on several photos for the cause.

To find out more how you can protect yourself from melanoma, visit NYU IMCG.