Hot wheels in South Africa: Matt Damon

Matt Damonvia

This weekend, the smokin’ star Matt Damon got sweaty for an intensive bike race in South Africa. Despite the scorching sun and crazy weather, he came out and beat the heat for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town.

The race raised money for Make A Difference—a charity that supports 13-25 year olds who want to take action in their community (remind you of anyone?) Looks like Matt will go to long lengths to get young people to Do Something (68 miles to be precise!)

And Matt Damon wasn’t the only strong force to show up. Due to high winds of up to 40 mph, Damon and his team had an added challenge.

But the wind didn’t scare the Bourne trilogy star away! The movie star and his team hit the road with the words 'MAD' and 'Are you crazy enough?' printed on their cycling jerseys.

Matt finished the race in style: “It was windy at first,” said Damon. “We had a bunch of bike problems so we were on the side of the road quite a bit but it is nice to finish, it was beautiful.”

Matt has been in South Africa shooting The Human Factor for months. But the busy actor is not using his free time to hit the beach and party with the locals. He has been cause crazy since he landed. It seems as if each week he is working for a new cause!

Are you as impressed as CGG by Matt’s commitment to causes even while on set? Do you think other actors might follow in his footsteps (or skid marks)? Comment below!

By CGG reporter, Caroline Kotter