Hungry for Community Action?

Ben Affleck

For most of us, Martin Luther King Day is a free, three-day weekend with no class and lots of time for Gossip Girl watching marathons. Instead of relaxing during the holiday like the rest of us, Ben Affleck, David Arquette, and Josh Groban celebrated their Martin Luther King Jr. holiday protesting against hunger. The three stars skipped lunch and led a protest organized by Feeding America around the Martin Luther King Library to bring awareness to this serious issue. And don't we all enjoy a good rally? Well, Feeding America definitely got it right by putting these three studs at the front--who wouldn't follow them in a march (even in the freezing cold)?

According to the president of the organization Feeding America, "in America, one in eight are struggling to get fed." That means that 36 million people are at a serious risk of going hungry. This is incredibly shocking, especially since we in the good old US of A consider ourselves to live in a "developed" country in which hunger is not a problem. Don't let yourself be fooled: hunger is not just reserved for the third world.

President Barack Obama also worked during his Martin Luther King holiday, visiting army veterans in the hospital and painting walls at a homeless shelter. He explained to The New York Times that "there can't be any idle hands at a time of national hardship." President Obama has declared that, in future years, he will make MLK day a National Day of Service for the country, and that he will instill the idea of positive community action into Americans' heads: "I ask the American people to turn today's efforts into an ongoing commitment to enriching the lives of others in their communities, their cities, and their country." Good idea, Mr. Obama, but you're a little too late: DoSomething's already got that under control!

Click here to find out how you can spend a holiday (or any day) lending a helping hand. And to all you DoSomething users out there, here's your chance to add and update your projects to show the President that we share his desire to help the world.

Submitted by Shamsa Mangalji and Caroline Kotter

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