Jordin's hair shows she cares

As you know, Jordin Sparks is the star of Do Something's latest PSA, Do Something 101. It's a call to action for her peers to donate new notebooks, pens, backpacks, etc., at Staples stores this summer so underprivileged students in your community might head back to school in September with the supplies they need.

But that's not the only way this Idol gives back.

When the "No Air" singer arrived on set to film the PSA -- almost 20 minutes early, fyi -- she was sporting orange streaks in her dark hair: a little glam, a little punky, a lot original.

At least it was original: Jordin's family, friends and fans (and even Disney star Selena Gomez, it seems) are all knocking off the look. But Jordin doesn't mind; in this case, imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Jordin tells CGG that she added the flame-colored strands (the color of melanoma awareness) in honor of her mother's best friend, who has skin cancer.

"A couple of my amazing fans even got orange streaks in their hair to support her too. It's cool, I mean people can make a difference just by the small things," says Jordin, in the video below:

Melanoma is the most common of all cancers in men and women ages 20-29. Click here to find out more facts on this deadly cancer and how to protect yourself before you hit the beach.