Katie’s Dizzy Feet

Katie SYTYCDvia Getty Images

Katie Holmes’ long anticipated performance will air live tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance.” She will sing and dance in a Judy Garland tribute for the show’s 100th episode to benefit a new arts charity. But is she nervous? Even though she’s never done anything like this before, Katie seems cool and confident.

"I’m very excited…I like to sing and dance so it is really fun," the actress gone ballerina told Entertainment Tonight. She’s got nothing to lose but she is strutting her stuff for her new charity—the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which provides assistance to talented underprivileged youth. Katie is adamant about providing all children with an opportunity to participate in the arts, including her own daughter—little Suri Cruz!

Art education is proven to be extremely influential in the lives of young people. Students who participate in arts programs are at least three times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, elected to class office within their schools, participate in a math and science fair, win an award for school attendance and win an award for writing.

Watch Katie break it down tonight on SYTYCD and check out her interview below! You can get involved in the arts cause by promoting it in Congress. Quincy Jones began a petition demanding that the government create a new Cabinet-level position specifically for the arts—a Secretary of the Arts. Over 230,000 people have signed it and you can too!