Lauren Bush FEED's world hunger

Former President George W. Bush must be proud of his niece for the good she’s doing!

Lauren Bush launched the FEED Project in 2006 with the hopes of feeding starving children around the world. The first thing she did was design an eco-friendly bag to benefit the United Nations World Food Program's, school feeding operations. Today, she has products that vary from bags to bracelets! When purchasing the FEED 1 bag, it will provide one child with school lunches for one year.

Now what can we use to go trick-or-treating? The model and activist recently launched the FEED trick-or-treat bag to benefit UNICEF. For each bag purchased through HSN, they will donate $3.50 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to help support UNICEF’s nutrition programs.

To hear more about the project, check out this video of Lauren from Page Daily.

What can you do to help? Have a food drive and donate food to hungry children. Want to get creative? Maybe host an art show!