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How Spoons Are Saving the Lives of Young Girls

The hand it plays in stopping forced marriages in the U.K.

Chris Colfer

7 Celebrities Who Are Out And Proud!

What they have to say about coming out.

The Story of 9 DREAMers Who Crossed the Border

How these young DREAMers are taking action on immigration policy in the U.S.

OCD: A Poem About Love and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Poet Neil Hilborne wrote about the disorder that affects 3% of Americans.

Today is YOUR Day: 2013 International Youth Day

The United Nations celebrates young people every August 12th.

What's The Deal? Kids React to Cheerios Commercial

The KidsReact YouTube series published a video with children's reaction to Cheerios commercial controversy.

Why Matthew Perry Opened His Home to Substance Abusers

His personal battle with substance abuse and how he's now helping others.

What Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Saying About Dreamers

Why he's advocating for comprehensive immigration policies.

Living Healthier Thanks to I Heart Dad

How Jessica Strayer is helping her family fight heart disease.

Winning the Thumb Wars Battle

Leonardo Jimenez is saving his friends from the dangers of texting and driving.