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5 Cause-y Things To Do This Thanksgiving

A few alternatives to watching cat videos...

How This 10-Year-Old Is Helping The Homeless

Check out his project, Braeden's Brown Bags.

The AMAZEBALLS Thing These 7 Teens Did

How they saved the lives of these animals.

What This Teen Defended on Popular Talk Show

14-year-old Rachel is speaking out against GMOs.

The Story of 9 DREAMers Who Crossed the Border

How these young DREAMers are taking action on immigration policy in the U.S.

OCD: A Poem About Love and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Poet Neil Hilborne wrote about the disorder that affects 3% of Americans.

What's The Deal? Kids React to Cheerios Commercial

The KidsReact YouTube series published a video with children's reaction to Cheerios commercial controversy.

What Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Saying About Dreamers

Why he's advocating for comprehensive immigration policies.

Living Healthier Thanks to I Heart Dad

How Jessica Strayer is helping her family fight heart disease.

Winning the Thumb Wars Battle

Leonardo Jimenez is saving his friends from the dangers of texting and driving.