Mandy Moore's Facebook invitation

Mandy Moore

That’s right! Songstress Mandy Moore has joined the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign in the effort to save lives from being lost to a preventable disease – malaria. Did you know that every 30 seconds, a child dies from malaria? Read on to hear what Moore has to say about saving lives in Central Africa. Plus, what’s Facebook got to do with it?

“Insecticide-treated bed nets are one of easiest ways to protect families from malaria-carrying mosquitoes,” Moore shares. Nothing But Nets is designed to distribute millions of these nets across 15 African countries. The goal: ending malaria-induced deaths by 2015. Moore is inviting her fans to join the fight- by joining a live broadcast on Facebook on August 12, 2 pm Eastern Time. She will join experts from Nothing But Nets and Population Services International (PSI) for a “Town Hall” type discussion.

Logging in to Facebook? Easy! Contributing to the smack down of a deadly disease? Easier than you may think! Join the live broadcast on August 12 and find out what “Moore” you can do to spread the word about the fight!

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