Push Play’s CJ on his signed-language “speaking” ex (and her connection with Jonas!)

Push Play, Blender CGG

We’ve already told you about this new boy band (as in they play instruments): These four guys are not just the hottest unsigned act out there, they are the hottest philanthropic act PERIOD. The guys have been giving proceeds from their ticket and CD sales to a host of charities (Do Something included), to the tune of more than $90,000!

And just when we thought they couldn’t get any better at being Celebs Gone Good, Push Play invited singer CJ’s ex, Mandy, on stage in the Big Apple to translate their song “Here Without You” into sign language. A bit of a celebrity herself, especially among Jonas Brothers fans (we’ll let CJ explain later), Mandy learned to sign from the wife of a pastor at her church so she could help the deaf people in her congregation to better understand the pastor’s sermons.

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