Radiohead donates song to UNICEF


This English alternative rock band doesn’t just write songs for our pleasure-they write songs for children around the world! Radiohead donated the use of their song "Videotape" to UNICEF’s “Put It Right” campaign, which aims to inspire action to protect the rights of children everywhere. Check out the video promo!

"Put it Right" tries to provide children with clean water, health care, protection from exploitation and the opportunity to go to school. Additionally, the campaign hopes to raise £55 million and have government involved in this cause.

UNICEF UK's Director of Communications Victoria Rae shared, “This film is window into a different day-to-day world – it’s a childhood where there is no school summer holidays because children don’t go to school. These are children who are missing out their basic rights – to learn, to clean water, to be healthy, to be looked after and just to be a child.”

While you don't have to write a song for children’s rights, learn how you can ensure that their voices are heard. Also, you can even start a tutoring program in your school and find 11 ways to take action around education.