Real Celebs Go Vege

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There have been tons of reactions to Jessica's "Real Girls Eat Meat" t-shirt, a round of fierce comments from our own CGG readers. PETA reacted super strongly- they even posted The Top Five Reasons Why Only Stupid Girls Brag About Eating Meat. We understand she's Texan and that it comes with the territory, but PETA has some mightly convincing reasons that not eating meat is the way to go. Paul McCartney and Pam Anderson know what's up- they both campaign for PETA and are dedicated vegetarians. With the mighty Oprah going on a vegan fast, it seemed like an inopportune time for Jess to pull out the sassy tee.

And how's this for scary: not only does eating meat increase the risk of breast cancer and abuse animals, it's unhealthy (too much fat), contributes to global warming, AND can even be blamed for the world food shortage as it takes 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of meat. If more people went vege there would be a lot less starving mouths to feed around the world. Who knew that one simple act would have so many repercussions? We hope Jessica thinks ahead next time she tries to dress herself.

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