Renee's random acts of kindness

Renée Zellweger was spotted having a quick snack at NYC's Porter House while pouring over a stack of birthday and thank you cards.

"I'm working and traveling and so busy I haven't had time to send thank yous," she told the Cindy Adams column at the NYPost.

As if hand-writing nice notes wasn't enough, when the Oscar winner learned that a table of seven across the restaurant was celebrating a birthday, she quietly picked up their check on her way out the door.


via MarieClaire

This reminds us of the time when last September Renée found a makeup artist who was admiring a pair of Manolo Blahniks over her lunch break. When her break was over, she discovered that Renée had bought the shoes for her.

Now, we all know that a pair of shoes won't solve global warming, but a pair of Manolo Blahniks sure would brighten up our day. Here's to CGG Renée Zellweger and her random acts of kindness!