Spotted: Riri with book!

Pictures recently surfaced of our favorite hip-hop princess, Rihanna, toting around a book made for her by none other than!

In the days after she appeared on 20/20 and opened up about her very public experience with dating abuse, heard from thousands of young women and men sharing their own personal stories of dating abuse and giving major props to Rihanna for her strength.

Only three days later, we handed Rihanna a huge book full of these letters to show her how much her bravery served as an example to young people dealing with tough times. And it looks like she took it to heart, because the next day she was on the move, leaving her NYC hotel and trudging through Newark airport, all while clutching the book closely.

And even though she’s been busy promoting her edgy new album, Rihanna talked with reporters about the book, saying “They put together this whole book with all these different letters and emails from all these girls all over the world... and a lot of these girls had gone through domestic violence as well... It was heartbreaking to read."

Make like Rihanna, and stand up to end dating abuse, then check out more pics!