Tamar Geller matches heroes with hounds

Even if her name isn’t instantly familiar to you, Tamar Geller’s clients (including Owen Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ben Affleck) sure are! And they all have one thing in common: their pups are all expertly trained by Geller!

The “canine life coach” serves as the Humane Society of the United States’ adviser, and created her own program called Operation Heroes & Hounds, which pairs injured soldiers and shelter dogs together to enhance their overall quality of life. According to various studies, spending time with a pet can help diffuse stress and offer the guardian a sense of purpose.

With Geller’s program and her “Loved Dog” teaching method, injured military service members have the chance to make a healthy transition in their lives thanks to the help and company of these dogs, who themselves may have been overlooked while in shelters.

Check out the video where Geller explains the entire initiative! To help support the cause, you can raise awareness by employing some of her celebrity dog training techniques, and showing some animals at your local shelter some love! Here’s a quick tip: focus on game-based exercises, instead of employing intimidating or fear-based strategies. Use this technique when you’re taking action at your local shelter, and be sure to share your new knowledge at an animal shelter fundraiser!

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