The 2008 Do Scores!!!

via Variety

We asked, you told us, who were the celebs who most inspired you this year? The Do Scores are the only study that measures how much celebrities impact your generation! We asked you how much you liked them, knew their work, and most importantly how much they inspired you to take action this year. The results are in!

America’s president-elect makes a chart-topping debut on Do Something’s 2008 Do Scores. It’s hardly a surprise, since Obama and the Do Something Generation have matching missions: Both consider community service as key to initiating positive change at home and abroad. Known to many millennials as simply “Barack” – that’s the way he signed off on his Facebook updates – our soon-to-be 44th President’s Do Score ranked highest in both likeability and most likely to inspire young people to take action in the name of a cause or charity. With his support of the Peace Corps and intention to “green” the White House (Do Something studies show that climate change and the environment are the so-called Generation O’s number-one issue of concern), Obama is a positive example to an age group that until recently was dismissed as overly obsessed with tabloid culture and designer labels. What a difference a leader makes!

See below to find out who else made the cut!

1. Barack Obama

2. Oprah Winfrey

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Ellen DeGeneres

5. Brad Pitt

6. Al Gore

7. Lance Armstrong

8. Michelle Obama

9. Bono

10. Michael J. Fox

11. Hillary Clinton

12. Will Smith

13. Tyra Banks

14. Hayden Panettierre

15. America Ferrara

16. Bill Clinton

17. Jordin Sparks

18. Michael Phelps

19. Jonas Brothers

20. Fallout Boy