The Gay Bomb Drops Tonight


via E!Online

So the gay bomb will drop tonight on The CW's Gossip Girl. The blogs have been all a buzz with the rumors - Chuck has been dressing extra-flamboyantly lately, Dan's character is bi in the book series, Rufus spends way too much time trying to look like 23, but as we mathematically can show, there is really no question as to who it is:

Little Brother of the Central Character + Unexplained Suicide Attempt x Terrible Highlights for a Rich Kid = Gay.

Our own intuition aside, tonight's episode is titled ALL ABOUT MY BROTHER, according to the CW's website. Way to crash your own coming-out party, Gossip Girl.

We're excited to see how the show handles portraying a young gay character. Degrassi: The Next Generation has set the bar high by being honest and frank without seeming too ridiculous. Now it's time to see how the elite Upper East Side handles the news.