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Adam Beach and Randy Vasquez via Joshua Kristal

The cycle of international film festivals is a constant ebb and flow almost impossible to keep up with. New York City recently swept the streets of the aftermath of Tribeca, and just as sunbathers pack ship and leave the Riviera coast, marking the end of Cannes, another wave of festival goers will prepare for the fall season of Toronto. Well what if you can’t jet set to one of these romantic locations?

For the rest of us, check out The Media that Matters Film Festival, one of the world’s first and largest online film festivals. Media that Matters features a dozen films (all shorts so you can watch them anytime!) covering a variety of social issues from how to tackle electronic waste to the impact of hip hop in African politics. The best part? Each short has a take-action link at the end. Clearly not your average film festival.

CGG Must See’s? Perversion of Justice, a short film addressing how mandatory minimum drug sentencing affects a young mother of three for a first time, non-violent offense (hint: she’s sentenced to life in prison).

And Something’s Moving, a look into the hidden story of how survivors of a U.S. boarding school for the Lakota in the 70s experience trauma and are coming forward to tell the harrowing story of their abuse.

Native American Actor Adam Beach (Flags of our Fathers, Law & Order) was on-hand to present an award to the director Randy Vasquez, last Thursday at HBO in NYC. Adam spoke about everything that Native People have suffered, and how this will help to start the healing process that needs to happen.

But be sure to check out all the films! They’re well worth you’re time.

And see what you can do to take action against discrimination here.

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