The Kid’s Choice Awards: NOT the Oscars


The Kid’s Choice Awards may not be the Oscars, as Miley Cyrus pointed out on Saturday, but they are definitely more fun. And Nickelodeon is not afraid to prove it, providing viewers and celebs alike with gags and giggles all night long.

When Hugh Jackman—the actual host of the Academy Awards this year—announced Twilight series as favorite book, a briefcase doused him and Sandra Bullock with green slime. And you better believe this year was covered in more slime than ever. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson began hosting Saturday night’s show by zip-lining over the screaming fans into a “slime temple.”

“The Rock” also turned up in the same red mini-dress as Miley Cyrus! While it was not exactly by choice, “The Rock” was a good sport about the result of a live poll during the show in which 600,000 viewers voted for him to learn to dress like Ms. Cyrus.

But that’s not all. “The Rock” also had fun squirting Jesse McCartney with a microphone and watching Will Farrell slip and slide down a 200 foot hill. Jack Black, in typical funny-man fashion, road in on a sidecar to accept his award for Kung Fu Panda.

Probably the most competitive award of the night was the Burp Award. The winner was The Penguins of Madagascar's Rico and the animated champ joined a roster of past proud best belchers including Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Steve Irwin (shared honor), Justin Timberlake (two-time winner) and Hugh Jackman.

Do you agree with Miley that the Kid’s Choice Awards is a sub-par award show when compared with the Oscars etc.? What was your favorite gag of the night? Who do you want to see get slimed at future shows?! Comment below!

By CGG reporter, Caroline Kotter