Tony Soprano, fashion maven

  via Christie's & The Star-LedgerCGG recently clued you in to James Gandolfini's plans to auction off 25 of Tony Soprano's outfits to charity.  The gangster garments were expected to bring in up to $36,500 to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, but the clothes ended up netting $188,000 for wounded war veterans! The big-ticket item: the bloody duds Tony wore as a result of Uncle Junior shooting him in Season 6 retrieved nearly 22 times the estimated $2,000 price (bringing in $43,750.)

Gandolfini and Iraq war vet John Fernandez said they were stunned by the money a pair of Tony's boxers sold for ($5000), according to New York Post. "I think we spent a world record for underwear," Gandolfini said. Fernandez, who lost both legs below the knee in Iraq and now works for the Wounded Warrior Project continued, "It blows your mind that people will pay that much money for a pair of boxer shorts." 

Wounded Warrior Project, headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., aids veterans with their recuperation and helps to return them back into the workforce.  Once veterans are fully recovered, the foundation provides job training and networking; and even hosts sports teams made up of the vets. Who would have thought that a bunch of dirty, bloody criminal clothes could raise so much money for a good cause?

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