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Sort by: Now 1 Million Strong

That's how many teens we're texting with!

Featured Club: JHS Club

Why their PB&J Slam drive is AMAZEBALLS!

Would You Buy Used Underwear For This?

How our members would save money.

Featured Club: FMS Club

Jeans, coats, and veggies? Who these items are helping.

How One Teen is Bringing Beauty to Hospitals

Julia uses personal experience to help others. is 'Made in NY'

NYC's new initiative to support the tech industry.

Featured Club: AHS Club

How they collected 127 teddy bears for Newtown.

What Young People Are Doing Today

Hint: it's not sitting on the couch playing Call of Duty.

Featured Club: WRHS Club

How they made 14 lucky kids smile on Christmas.

Meet the Teen Who Collected Almost 7,000 Jeans for Homeless Youth

True story. We’re not just pulling your (pants) leg.