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Why These Teens Are Talkin' Sex In School

No more awkward sex-ed lessons from old people for teens in Ohio.

6 Ways You Can Help OK Tornado Victims

What supplies are needed.

3 Ways to Celebrate Food Revolution Day

What you can do today.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes’ Recent Behavior Has Us Worried

Her legal issues, bizarre behavior, and disturbing tweets.

Teen Kicks Cancer's Ass, Now Inspiring Others

What he's doing to encourage other young people.

Featured Club: MCCS Club

How they're slaying energy vampires.

Hurricane Sandy: 6 Months Later

What still needs to be done.

I'm One of 20,000 NYC Kids in a Homeless Shelter

Here's how you can help us.

Featured Club: MHS Club

Why these teens made the morning news.

Why Ben Affleck Is Living On $1.50 A Day

Learn how this star is bringing awareness to the Eastern Congo.